Believe It and Achieve It

The fifth month of BodyRenovator, John Terilli discusses goal setting, and takes a look at a low calorie eating program. John has also devised a revolutionary exercise routine you can perform in bed!

John talks to Robb Whitewood of Dynamic Mind Works, an NLP master practitioner and the founder of the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He will discuss how goal setting will help you achieve everything you have ever wanted in life, including losing those few extra pounds.

The exercise section of the DVD features a revolutionary bed workout. This is a highly effective routine which will help to tone your body and will show you that you can exercise just about anywhere. It is very simple, practical and efficient and can be performed in less than 30 minutes! Perfect for anyone, young and old, who wants to get fit. This exercise program has been proven to improve overall condition through years of research and experimentation. It will easily work and tone the muscles of your body with the maximum gain using the most efficient movements.

This month features the Low Calorie Eating Program, which caters to people of different weight categories. It is a structured, simple to prepare, delicious, quick, cost effective and easy to follow, 4 day recurring meal plan. This eating program, presented by Nina Fernandez, will help your body adapt to changes you will have achieved from the previous month, or get you into a position to accelerate fat loss in the months ahead. We are given specific reasons why we are eating certain foods contained in the program and also details the nutritional content of each meal. This eating program is essential to maintain all your results so remember that the important benefit of BodyRenovator is the ongoing maintenance plan built into the system.

John also provides information on a new supplement and how it can help in achieving our desired goals.

BodyRenovator reveals all the secrets and tips that people in the know use to:

BodyRenovator will completely change the way you perceive food and exercise and give you a clear view of how to achieve what you have always wanted. How brilliant is that!

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