Bodybuilding Nutrition Consulting

You think you know what you need, but you don't know what is actually necessary to achieve your goal. This is why you hire a bodybuilding nutrition consultant.

My goal is to make sure you get to the best version of yourself in the most effective way possible within the time you choose.

Goal Setting for Success

Reaching your goals is a mind game. We need to train your subconscious mind to positive reinforcement. We need a strategy in place to make sure your reach your goals when you want to reach them, how you want to reach them and how you want to feel when you reach them.

The main goal everyone needs is to increase and maintain lean tissue as you age. You can reverse the deterioration of your body over the decades using this foundation. It is why you actually exercise. However, using unsuitable exercise techniques may lead to catabolism which is the decrease of lean tissue. So the wrong exercise techniques and diet geared towards your goals, causes you to age faster. So when you go to the gym and are having fun and enjoying the experience of a personal trainer, you could actually be working against yourself in the long run, while still weighing less on a scale. The weight on the scale is irrelevant as you could becoming “skinny fat” which compromises your immune system.

My system of goal setting, training and nutrition makes sure you get to your goals in the most efficient way possible and insures that you keep moving forward.

Body Fat Testing and Lean Tissue

It is not necessary, but is recommended that you start with a proper body fat and weight audit. This establishes a baseline for where you are now and allows us to track your results on a regular basis, regardless of what the scale says.

This is where the increase and maintenance of lean tissue can be tracked appropriately. You will also need to record the visual changes taking place and not just the numbers so that you can see your progress.

Feeling Great All the Time!

This may not be possible, however, increasing the amount of time you feel great is definitely within your reach. This happens as you perform the correct amount of exercise, get the proper amount of sleep, hydrate well and the right nutritional intake. All this done in the correct ratios stimulates the that great feeling.

How I can help you?

My 50 years of experience has allowed me to specialise in each of the following:

What do my clients say?

“I'm in better shape now than at 35. My secret is my trainer - John Terilli - a former Mr Universe (twice)“ - Chuck Volpe - 2019.

Chuck, a former elite cyclist, found it hard to find a personal trainer that could meet his requirements. He had fallen into poor nutritional habits, weak fitness levels, sustained numerous injuries from cycling over the years and was not getting anywhere with his training. Chuck can now almost achieve the world record in chin-ups, at 70. He has a body men half his age would think is hard to achieve.

alex galanos before and after

“I could not have achieved my lifelong dream without John” - Alex Galanos - 2018

Alex, 27 years old, came to me with lofty goals of being a champion bodybuilder. His former approach wasn't getting him anywhere. After 1 year, I got him into a shape that got him 1st place in Novice Mr Australia and 2nd overall in the Open Mr Australia to a split decision with the 4-time previous winner.

julieanne jenkins competing

“You will not find a better, more knowledgeable coach, you will learn things that no other coach can teach you as they are learnt from years of trial and error on his part and, being the only Australian to have won the Professional Mr Universe his experience and success within the industry is unquestionable.” - Julieanne Jenkins – 2017.

Julie is a former swimming champion who joined a 'ladies only' health studio and was competing in figure competitions with little success. When she came to me, I quickly worked out that I could push this former athlete beyond normal limits. She rose quickly in the ranks and beat a national champion for the women's national title, beating the more experienced former national women's figure champion.

client who overcame pain and inability to use her legs in normal situations

“Engaging John as my personal trainer has changed my negative attitude. I feel motivated for the first time. My regular sessions with John are always varied and never boring. He really understands the human body and its potential, as well as its limitations. Under John's careful and considered training I have built up overall strength and fitness without ever sustaining an injury.” - Stephanie Volpe - 2019.

Stephanie, wife of Chuck, an architect with constant neck, hip and back pain, losing the use of her legs for simple everyday activities needed my help desperately and so she was referred by her husband. She is now capable of everything she couldn't do when she came to the gym and the only person able to perform a fast paced 45 minute workout without stopping. She has gained a considerable amount of flexibility and lean tissue.

“He has been able to tweak my diet, nutrition and training throughout the past year to suit me personally. He also has helped me surpass the plateaus in which I would have stagnated in at the hands of a lesser experienced trainer. We’ve been able to drop body fat while increasing lean muscle. We’ve also taken a different approach to training from my past, and I’ve had better results.” Chad Mims – 2018

Chad, 28, a busy corporate person with little time available to improve his physical appearance, needed me to tailor his nutrition and training programs to suit his lifestyle. Before he had been all-over-the-show with different fitness training styles. Once I got him into hypertrophy mode, and adjusted his nutritional intake, he quickly started getting the results he had been chasing.

stephanie fitness mum before and after

“During my time with John, I learned to value the journey to attaining my goal and to always be proud of where I started out. My self-confidence has grown hugely and I feel like a happier and healthier mum. Thank you for everything John.” - Stephanie “Fitness Mum” - 2015.

Stephanie was disappointed with her previous trainer. She wanted to compete in bikini competitions, but I was hesitant to take her on because she had another trainer. Once we overcame this, she was very enthusiastic and her dream of competing in bikini competitions came true. She is a remarkable champion who stuck to the program.

rebecca gosling before and after in a bodybuilding competition

“Far from being stage ready, John guided me through tasks that you won’t find in any textbook, forum or google search. They come from decades of challenging the status quo; hunting for that extra 1% on perfection, and exchanging knowledge with other legends of the sport.” - Rebecca Gosling 2014.

Rebecca was in training for the world Kettlebell Championships. The amount of work required, left her ravaged with hunger. When she came to me her previous trainer had dumped her and she needed to change direction. I got her up on stage against an elite level of women figure champions and she became a finalist. Rebecca then decided to compete in bodybuilding and placed second to a split decision against a 4 time champion in that division. This over a very short period of time.

How to start?

If you would like my help to get you to the goals you want for yourself, please call me on 04 0184 3799, or fill in the form, so that we can begin the process. I have several packages available, designed to suit your goals.

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